New Roller Skis

My new roller skis have finally arrived. I decided quite recently due to the lack of snow we have had at lake mountain I would invest in some roller skis, making it easier to train for the Pub to Pub which is coming up quite soon and something that’l help me to train in the off season.

New Roller skis with the good 'ol Komperdell poles

New Roller skis with the good ‘ol Komperdell poles

I ordered the T6101 Pursuit Roller skis from roller ski shop over in America, they charge very little as they build the rollerskis themselves with minimal detail (e.g.. no paint, decals) making them the cheapest roller ski around, they are still a good quality ski. The model I chose is their premium roller ski that features a lower ski height to make balancing more easier and holes cut into the body to reduce weight. The bindings are SNS profil, they say that one axis bindings give a better replica of skiing than the two axis binding. The profils are quite cheap at $50, they will mount them free of charge. You also need to buy road ferrules for existing ski poles as they are sharper and bite into the road better, they are about $10 which is cheaper than buying specific roller ski poles. They also offer this pull brake that conects to a waist belt for emergency braking. The brake is a little sensitive so far and makes me jolt around a bit when coming to a stop, hopefully it will improves with use.

Skiing without snow!

Skiing without snow!

On my first day roller skiing I picked it up pretty quick. Ballance is they key to roller skiing as well as not tripping over your gliding ski. I have only fallen once when I first tried it and ended up doing a bit of dammage to my knee and fingers. Some knee pads from the local skate shop solved this and gave me a bit more confidence.

– I find the downhill part of it the most difficult as you can’t practice your technique because your too worried about not  flying off into the bushes or eating asphalt! 

I have been using the bellarine rail trail as my cross country training grounds right now. Part of it has been paved giving a great 5km of smooth tracks to ski on. The rail trail doesn’t have the prettiest scenery as most of passes in-between the many housing estates of Leopold. Some bit though are quite relaxing and follow through native fauna and  country paddocks. The track starts at curlewis and gradualy goes downhill to Leopold. I find the downhill part of it the most difficult as you can’t practice your technique because your too worried about not flying off into the bushes or eating asphalt! Going up hill is much more easier and offers a much better work out. The elevation gain is a mere 50m but it still offers a quiet place to practicing roller skiing.

The rail trail

The rail trail

One thing that amuses me is that everyone gives you funny looks, says hi or has a chat asking what the roller skis are. Most people think that it has something to do with skiing, some think it looks difficult and a select few know it is for Cross country skiing. All comments are positive so I don’t really mind, it gives good exposure to the sport. The best thing about roller skiing is I can say I went for a ski today just a few k’s from my house! how cools dat?



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